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These days, most everyone can “take” a decent snapshot – but for some people and some needs, snapshots are not enough. The high quality digital cameras of today have eliminated most of the concerns people used to have about taking pictures.  You can now instantly check the photo and make sure it is not too dark, too light, out of focus, or whether your subjects have their eyes closed or if your composition didn’t work. Vacation and family photos have never been better. It is even possible for the photographic amateur to get that occasional “great shot” capturing the perfect moment with perfect light that can rival those of the pros.

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As a Premiere Las Vegas Boudoir Photography Studio, we “make” photos the way you want them and create those “great shots” many times, every time we shoot. We combine beautiful makeup and hair and great photography to give you the look you desire. Look at Samples in Our Portfolio. Our “Light” is always  perfect! and it is always designed to make our clients look the best they can look. We want to know exactly what it is our clients want to get from the photos we create. We then put together what is needed to get the “great shots” they want and need. Whether it be fashion photography for a client who needs to show special features of their garments or one who is selling the “lifestyle” their products represent, or bringing out the musculature or a fitness competitor, shooting a dancer or actor’s portfolio and promotional photos – or the finest in sexy elegant glamorous boudoir style photos, we will do everything we can to create those “great shots”.

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